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January 27th, 2010·

iPad1Now that the mysterious Apple device has been unveiled, the techies & opinionated media “gurus” are making their voices heard.  This is my opinion and hunch as to why this will be an important device.

First of all let’s just stop it with the feminine hygiene nonsense.  Yes it is called the iPad–deal with it.  No matter what they called it there would be detractors.  I personally liked “Palette,” “iTab,” or something sexy like “Tabula” with dropping the”i” prefix.  Regardless, that is my last concern with buying the product.  When someone asks you for a notepad in the office do you immediately chuckle and think you are getting a panty shield to write on?  I didn’t think so.

Next there were complaints about the large bezel around the screen.  My hunch is that it serves two purposes: one to let you handle it easily without interacting with the screen. The other is there are most likely components, antennae and chips behind it.  Given the device’s thin profile, i’m sure they needed some extra real estate.

Finally, with regard to 3G–how many people believe someone is not going to come up with an iPhone teathering solution for when you are not at a wifi hotspot?  I can do it with my iPhone and Macbook now.  It is only a matter of time.

iPad2The true import of this device is the delivery of content and productivity.  This device will deliver sharp, watchable movies, podcasts along with your music.  Coupled with something like the Orb program on the iPhone, you will be able to remotely access your home media library.  This is huge!  I do that now on my iPhone, but watching a movie/podcast on the small screen is a last resort (i.e. on a plane trip).  This makes that proposition much more palatable.

Another HUGE difference is iWork on the device.  Having the ability to work on presentations, documents and spreadsheets with a larger sized keyboard and touch screen gestures will take mobile productivity to the next level.  I already do many of these things in a pinch on the phone and on a smaller surface.  I often will FTP into my site and directly edit php, html & CSS files to make quick changes.  I feel developers will be coming up with mobile blogging/webdev apps to run on this device.  I would much rather carry this in my backpack than the laptop knowing I can do most anything with it.

When I say most anything, just think about when the iPhone first came out.  You were pretty limited to what you could do with it.  Now, there are productivity programs for almost everything.  Adobe comes to mind when I think about possibilities.  I could envision Lightroom for iPad to give you photo editing capabilities.  PS has an app for the phone.  Now with extra real estate and gestures, photo editing may be taken to the next level wherever you may be.  Especially since there is an interface to allow one to access photos directly from your camera.  Cool stuff!

Finally, the entry price point for the device is perfect to take on Kindle and the other readers.  Why buy a monochrome “reader” when for a couple hundred more, you can so much at your fingertips.  This is a remarkable achievement.  I was thinking it was going to be $699, which is where the top wifi model is priced.

All in all I feel this iPad will prove to be an important device built on a flexible, established OS which already has millions of apps ready to run.  Developers will be clamoring to design tools, applications and games to take advantage of the increased footprint.  I, for one will be among those taking advantage of what it has to offer and will in the future.

2 Responses to “Future of iPad”

VAMom opines on:

Wired magazine writer discussed it yesterday on CNN and said that it starts at $499 but with all the extras that one needs plus the charge of a monthly provider service in order to fully utilize its potential your talking $1000.00.   I agree it is a wonder tool but only if you can afford it and need it.   With that said, I bet you’ll get one and when you do, consider me for one of your old iPhones please.  xoxo

Kevin opines on:

Actually, at the base price of $499 the only thing you wouldn’t have is 3G mobile connectivity. I suspect many people would use this around a wifi hotspot, so you wouldn’t need to pay extra for 3G service. And like I said, I’m sure someone will write a program to allow for you to piggyback off your iPhone 3g connection if you were in an area w/o wifi.

The highest priced model would be $829 (most storage + 3G) which is well under the rumored $1000 pricetag before the event. I think the starting @ $499 shocked analysts (and me). That price will give eBook readers pause. You can fit alot of books on a 16gb model.

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