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Thrilla’ in Wasilla

November 7th, 2008

An example of street markets accepting credit ...

I really thought I was finished commenting about the McCain/Palin side of things.  However, this story begged for me to opine.  When McCain said that he would cut down on wasteful spending….that he had a pen (a big Sharpie)….and that he would call wasteful officials out and we would “know their names and he would make them famous.”

Well he did keep to that campaign promise and made one person famous.  That official was his running mate Sarah Palin.  It was revealed today that she went “hog wild” while outfitting herself and her family after being chosen as his VP pick.

Her budget for “updating her look” was supposed to be between $20k-$25k.  This would have included a suit for her husband and some campaign trail clothes for her kids.  Well….it seems as though the former beauty pageant Governor spent $150,000.  This included shopping sprees at Saks & Neiman Marcus.

In addition, she also had low level staffers charge other items on their campaign credit cards for her to the tune of an additional $20k-$30k.  This came to light when they submitted their expense reports.  They were reportedly irritated by Palin’s “divaesque” attitude and they have described them as “Wasilla Hillbillies.”

I am not shocked by these latest revelations.  I can see getting a couple of smart suits for herself to wear on the campaign trail.  However, like the “bridge to nowhere” it seems Gov. Palin has no problem frivolously spending money.  The odd thing is that almost between $20-$40k was spent on the “First Dude’s” wardrobe.  I can’t ever remember seeing him wearing anything other than fleece pullovers and vests.

I truly hope that those clothes are returned and auctioned off for charity.  I hear that lawyers are being sent to Alaska to retrieve the clothes.  Hopefully, there will not be too many moose stew stains on them.

Sen. McCain…you did in the end make someone famous for their wasteful spending.  Good thing she never made it to Washington.

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Obama Administration Choices

November 5th, 2008

Now that Barack Obama has been elected as our 44th President, it is time for him to start the arduous process of naming the members of his cabinet and administration.  Upon reflection, I have a suggestion for his choice for Press Secretary.

That choice would be the ubiquitous Billy Mays.  You know…the pitchman who originally started hawking Oxyclean on TV, then Orange-Glo and now everything under the sun.  Billy Mays has an impressive resume of products now under his belt.  Here is a list of his current offerings:

  • Aquapel
  • Awesome Auger, Ground Aug, Weed Auger, and Power Extender gardening tools
  • Bedazzler
  • Big City Slider Station
  • Black Swan Furniture
  • Bloomin’ Onion Maker
  • Buddy Putty
  • Calcium Lime Rust
  • Currie Motors Chrysler Credit Hotline
  • Cutco Kitchenware
  • Ding King automotive dent remover
  • Easy Off Bam!
  • Energize energy supplement
  • EngraveIt
  • FixIt car scratch remover
  • FoneFree wireless cellphone headset
  • Foodsaver
  • FreeFone wireless phone holder
  • Gator Grip
  • Gopher reach extending tool
  • Handy Switch
  • Hercules Hook wall hangers
  • iCan Benefit Group, LLC
  • Kaboom
  • Lint-B-Gone lint brush
  • Liquid Diamond car waxing product
  • Mantis Roto-Tiller
  • Micro-Men Duster
  • Mighty Mend It
  • Mighty Putty
  • Never-Scrub tile cleaner
  • Orange Clean, Orange Glo
  • OxiClean
  • Quik Strip wire stripping tool
  • Ragazzi’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
  • Samurai Shark knife sharpener
  • Sandstrom OnTV
  • Sealtite Tire Sealant
  • Simoniz Fix It Scratch Remover
  • Slider Station Burger Maker
  • Steam Buddy
  • Street Options Auto Accessories
  • Swiffer SweeperVac
  • Tommy and Rumble
  • Turbo Tiger vacuum cleaner
  • Vidalia Chop-it
  • Vidalia Slice-it
  • Vidalia Slice Wizard
  • Zorbeez absorbent towels

As you can see….this boy can sell a sack of snow to Sarah Palin.  Just think of what he could do in the White House pitching policy positions to the press corps!!

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November 5th, 2008

Today I received the vote Obama 08 button from a day late.  Oh well…it will still be a keepsake.  The only thing I found curious was how it arrived.  Note to Moveon:  Cleaning up the planet starts in your own backyard.  A large padded envelope for this tiny button may be a bit much.  Just saying….

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In the words of Sting, “I’m so happy that I….can’t stop crying.  I’m so happy…I’m laughing through my tears….”

This is a moment that will restore our faith in the Presidency and the World’s faith in America.  Congratulations President Elect Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle and Vice-President Elect Joseph Biden.

Hats off to Sen. John McCain for a magnanimous concession speech as well.

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