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Out of Touch ?

May 1st, 2008

Before I comment, please watch the following video in case you either watch FOX news exclusively, or you somehow didn’t catch it. This was captured today during a Hillary Clinton “press outing” to show voters how she understands the impact of gas prices on everyone.

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Now…this video should really be something more than the focus we have seen on Obama on someone tangentially associated with him. All this time the Clintons have been stressing how “out of touch” Sen. Obama is with the common American and how he is an elitist.

For someone who cannot work a fuel pump should not be a Senator, let alone the President. I don’t give a rats ass about your feeble explanation that you are “unique” because the Secret Service has always pumped it for you. Hillary….it hasn’t changed since the dawn of the automobile. I used to live in New Mexico and I distinctly remember petroglyphs showing someone with a nozzle in something else and them squeezing a trigger. Are we then to believe that you have never pumped gas for yourself in your life and if so….you are calling Sen. Obama elite with your 100+ mil income? If so…I really hope no one ever buys any of your books again and you lose the Senate seat and hopefully I find you and your philandering husband getting free snacks at a Sam’s Club when they hand out Hot Pockets.

The implications of this video is midblowing and should be for every American. YOU WANT THIS LADY TO RUN THIS COUNTRY? Further on in the trip she had trouble dispensing coffee at the convenience store. In summary….Hillary cannot work a gas pump or coffee urn, yet somehow she is “uniquely qualified” to fix healthcare, our energy policy, our foreign policy, or her husband’s wandering eye?

My next posting will expound on a theory I have about the Clintons and how it relates to me. Until then, please stay engaged and examine EVERYTHING these people say. It may seem I am Obama biased, but he really hasn’t shown me anything to doubt he is genuine. With the Clintons, I don’t feel they are genuine.