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Rainy Day

October 1st, 2007

After the kissOn the day after such a great day, I decided to break my foot.  We went out to a beach east of Princetown and I wanted to surf.  Well the waves were a bit thin for the most part, but occasionally a good one would surface.  Well I was treading out in the sweet spot when I saw a good swell approaching.  I dropped in perfectly, cutting a bit but thought I could do a PB&J.  Since I was close to shore, the bottom dropped out on me when I put the knife down.  My back foot slammed into the ocean floor.  Oh well.  I’ve been told that doing that is called a PB&J on Wonderbread.  Meaning if you can make it it’s a wonder.  I should have just tried a bagel (shooting back into the hole).  So now the top of my foot is swollen and I can’t put any weight on it.

Hang Loose!

Wedding Shot

October 1st, 2007

Sunset ending to a wonderful weddingCongratulations Joel and Christy! The wedding was a big success and the weather was gorgeous! Especially since today it rained most of the day and the sky was overcast.  The ceremony was moving and both of their vows were beautiful. Afterward we all went to Bar Acuda for Hawaiian tapas. They had a long list of delicious things to try and then an entree. I had the ribeye with miso steamed veggies and shoestring potatoes. Then their wedding cake was a white cake with a passionfruit layer and butter cream icing. If I were Rachel Ray I would say “de-lish!”