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Kauai – Day One

September 29th, 2007

North Shore BeachKauai is simply amazing. What is amazing about it is that you literally drive through micro-climates as you drive around the island. We are staying on the North Shore near Hanalei (which I am told was the place where Puff the Magic Dragon was written about). How ironic :)

West Coast of KauaiThe North Shore gets an average of 450 in of rain each year! It rains in small stints several times each day, which is quite pleasant since it tends to be cooler. Today we visited the West Coast and to get there you have to drive all the way around the island in the opposite direction. It is considerably warmer and sunnier with some dramatic cliffs rising up from the shore.

Old Cemetery on the West Coast.Along the way, Matt Darling and I stopped at this pretty cool area with an old cemetery right on the beach and a place where old industrial equipment washes ashore, rusts, erodes and fuses into the rocky shore. Kinda eerie.

Aloha Hawaii

September 27th, 2007


Flying into Honolulu is quite spectacular. I have never seen such blue-green ocean water before. Despite the fact that I just had an almost 8 hour flight sitting next to a very large Tongan man who literally spilled over into my seat area, I was happy to land in this paradise. I was stiff from the ride…but appreciative of what was to bigroom.jpgcome. My room at the nuptual’s house is amazing. I have a room that in MN would be a studio loft. Throw in a running river out my patio with the jacuzzi tub and that makes for a romantic setting. But alas I am alone. So one of these nights I must just fire that baby up and relax to the sound of the river.  Crap I forgot my Kenny G mixtape!

This should win a Pulitzer

September 9th, 2007

Bush demonstration photo

Car Spoilers are not for everyone

September 9th, 2007


I was unaware that there were hillbillies in Europe!  I’m not sure but I think this person wrote “Street Cred” below the Hillbilly spoiler.  Classy