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Minneapolis Storm

August 16th, 2007


Debris from my tree in the backyard

The Twin Cities had a pretty wild storm come through over the weekend and because of it, I lost half of a maple tree I had in the backyard.  It could have been much worse considering several people in my neighborhood had whole trees embedded in their houses.  It is still sorry to see that great mass of shade go and my hunch is that the damage will cause the rest of the tree to die.  Never thought I would need to borrow a chainsaw in my life.

To begin with I have had a week to think about everything that has gone on regarding the I35W bridge collapse. I do sympathize with the families and friends of the deceased and presently missing. It was truly a tragedy and something no one should have to deal with.

That said…I am in no way being cavelier or callous by saying what I am about to say. That is after watching the political forces converge upon the Twin Cities, it just makes my skin crawl about their hyena-like circling and banding together to “provide every resource to make sure this never happens.” Uhm…let me get this straight Sen. Coleman with your best Kennedy accent–you are going to somehow figure out how to safeproof our amazingly technical lives and solve the fact that accidents happen? And Amy Klobuchar with your best Minnesota hot-dish “I would be a nurse if I wasn’t doing this” face can tell us that upon your intense few hours of scrutiny (smart wireframe glasses atow) of the site that something should have been done to prevent this?

We used to call this “seagull management” back in my days with AOL. Everyone used to cringe when the “brass” like Keith Jenkins would “fly in” and shit all over everything. Sorry, but “situational leadershit(p)” will not lead to more empowered employees. Sorry, I digress. But much the same it true in this case.

Keep GWBush away. He didn’t need to come here. What would ANYONE expect him to say? Did anyone expect him to say the feds would not help or that the nation doesn’t grieve? I just wish in keeping with his hokie colloquialism and say “wow this is a big pile of rubble and we are gonna bring a NASCAR load of trucks and stuff to help yer out.”  He coming here was about as inspirational as a Jimmy Swaggart motivational video on family values.  How about reducing your carbon footprint and stop flying around to these things.  I see how your pep talk has raised New Orleans from the ashes.

My bottom line on all this is that stuff like this will happen. AK, NC or the allmighty GWB cannot enact enough legislation to prevent it. How many people die each day on our highways? How many people die from alcoholism? In the same span of time the US has lost 21 soldiers in Iraq. That is truly a tragedy.

So…please please please legislators stop with the inquiries, investigations, etc. Metal fails. Bridges fail. How many bridges have failed over the last 20 years? I suspect not a whole lot.  It’s like when I grew up….there where no recalls on toys, green beans or heaven forbid evacuations from mercury bottle spills. Heck I remember playing with the stuff in science class. That goes for Amy K trying to introduce legislation to prevent what happened to the young girl who had her intestine sucked out from a pool vacuum. How many times has that happened? Do we need your time tied up with that? How about providing for heath care for everyone? Oh..I forgot. That’s a hard one. Much easier to make pool manufacturers (who don’t give you contributions) adapt to your new law.

It’s like what is happening with the Baseball and steroids thing.  Does Congress really need to be involved with that?  Why do they need to stick their noses in that?  Why not investigate the appalling rate of airline cancellations which has a far more reaching impact on our lifes and ECONOMY than someone juicing to get and extra strike or hit.  It really is time to ask more from our leaders than the zeal they show these easy causes to point fingers rather than the hard stuff of enacting laws to really change our lives.  Enough of the “we stand shoulder to shoulder to get to the bottom of this” platitudes.  Democrat or Republican are all alike.

Sorry about that. I just think that our congresspeople need to just stay out of the way. It is a tragedy. But what would be more of a tragedy would be them spending precious time overanalyzing something as simple as the fact that we aren’t as smart as we think we are regarding long term tensile strength of steel.

Hello everyone (or to whomever is reading this around the globe). I wanted to post this last night, but couldn’t find the shots. I thought on the aniversary of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima I would post a couple shots I took at the Trinity site in New Mexico where the bomb was developed and tested.

It really was strange to see Japanese tourists there. At first I thought it macabre, but upon further review it is much like Jews visiting Dacau or Auschwitz. It is part of their history. It also makes me admire candid photographers or photo-journalists. It is hard for me to separate my feelings of intrusion from the art of documentation. Here they are:

Weathered sign Photo gallery on the stark fenceUp close look at ‘Fat Man’

Gratuitous photo….

August 1st, 2007

St. Paul and Moon