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Here is a recipe I have adapted from a dish I had in Bangkok at a restaurant near Wat Po. It was my first taste of fried basil and with the chile and shrimp it was sensational. I think my version comes pretty close except for the near crispy texture of everything being seared in a professional kitchen wok.

Phad Kaprow Kung is short on ingredients, but long on flavor. It can be made as spicy as you like and if shrimp isn’t your thing, chicken or tofu could be substituted.

Now that the 4th is over I can tell you that I am as patriotic as the next guy. I have my stars and stripes speedos, a Nascar sticker on my Porsche, I am nice to the greeters at Walmart, etc. Heck…I’ve even been known to knock down a few bags of pork rinds in between a dip of Skoal.

However I hope I am not alone in saying that amateur pyrotechnics suck. I’m not referring to the amateur efforts each year by the city of MN. I’m talking about people with their illegal firepots brought over from WI scattered throughout the neighborhood.


July 3rd, 2007

Let’s begin with the pleasantries….

The iPhone is the real deal. Like the iPod and most everything Apple produces, is porn for designers. It is Alexander Graham Bell meets Bauhaus. One might say that it is “form following function.” Yet, its form undeniably wears the pants.

I have heard quite a few comments regarding the iPhone’s shortcomings. Sure, there are a few things that might have been included in its function like iChat, mms, Flash, video recording, etc. However I am confident that this phone will evolve through regular updates. In fact there is already scuttlebutt about some of the upcoming features to be pushed onto the phone.