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Last week, the Pope issued 10 papal tenets for drivers. This week, he searched the heavens and issued some explicitly for all things related to driving in Minnesota. Good thing since drivers here were beginning to feel that driving was a condemnation, or at the very least some sort of penance.

  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s lane
    • This one addresses the repeated switching of lanes by drivers unsatisfied with theirs. This only slows down the flow of traffic.
  • Thou shalt not willingly drive a Buick before age 50
    • Buicks (the official car of the Minnesota retired) tend to be slower than the Popemobile in Vatican City rush hour. Switch to the Pontiac Grand Am, or Grand Prix (the official car of the Minnesota 18-45 year old)
  • (more…)

First week of work

June 27th, 2007

Well my first week of work at the new job went well. Lots to remember as the Web Content Administrator working on NWA travel sites. There is quite a bit of back and forth with Marketing and other departments before stuff goes live on the net. So far it is pretty cool and laid back. Great benefits and much time to daydream about places to travel :)

Also in case you missed it like me, last week was the northern solstice. June 21st marked the day where people in the northern hemisphere had the most hours of daylight. On that day the sun was directly overhead at noon along the Tropic of Cancer.

Also during the northern solstice places situated at latitude 66.56° north, known as the Arctic Circle will see the Sun just on the horizon during midnight, and all places north of it will see the Sun above horizon for 24 hours.

Translation is that it is now on the slow slide back into winter for us in Minnesota. The day after the solstice lost 2 seconds to darkness. Tomorrow we will give back 24 seconds of daylight from the previous day.

There’s your science tidbit for today. Since the passing of Mr. Wizard two weeks ago I imagined a void needed to be filled :)

Coming up…the Pope speaks out on Minnesota drivers…..

More sleepy fun!

June 15th, 2007

No idea what I was saying, but after the gibberish I say, “That guy’s a loser!”

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Robot Sleep

June 13th, 2007

I have been known to emulate robots in my sleep. Here is a piece of audio captured last night of me speaking in tongues, or trying to converse with my sleepytime robotic friends.

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