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Home at last…

May 28th, 2007


After 23 days of the “Kevbo 2007 SE Asia Tour” I am finally home. I must say that sleeping in one’s own bed is the greatest comfort food in the world. Unless of course you sleep on a 60’s trundle bed or an old futon from college.

After getting a good taste of this part of Asia, my next trip will be to Africa to visit my Dad and Brother who live in Maputo, Mozambique. But not until I start work and get life back to normal for awhile. Until then I will be commenting on this blog not about travel, but photography and life in general. Stay tuned!

The following is a Quicktime VR panorama of Angkor Thom as seen from the Royal Palace entrance.

Baipai Cooking Class

May 24th, 2007


My afternoon at the Baipai Cooking School in Bangkok was incredible! Anyone visiting Thailand and interested in learning to cook Thai food should visit this school. There are several in town, but through the grapevine I heard this one was the best. It didn’t disappoint.

They have 5 different menus during the week, so you can visit their website and see which one interests you. They picked me up from my hotel and delivered me to the school. There I was greeted by the instructor “Noi” and her assistant “Por.” Our class size was small (maybe 12) and everything was “watch first…then you try.” All in all the instruction lasted 4 hours. After we prepared each course we all sat down and ate what we made. It was a delicious conclusion to my final day here.

Click above to look at the gallery

Last night in Bangkok

May 23rd, 2007

Strangest mannequin I have ever seen!

About this time tomorrow I will be waking up to take a cab to the Suridodjjgklakdkbum airport. I need to be there at 4am to get through customs/security and make my 6am flight. It really has been a long journey filled with lots of stress. However seeing Angkor Wat in my life and at least experience the whirlwind of SE Asia was unforgettable.

Being in Cambodia really put things into perspective coming back to St. Paul with its large relocated SE Asian population (largest in the US). I see them living much as they do back here. They fish, garden, share their houses, help each other out, play Sepak Takraw and above all work hard to earn a living. That is why going to a local Asian market they are friendly and happy to have your business. That is why I will continue to go.

I will miss many things–especially from Thailand. The food(!!!!),7/11 Burgers–told you so! the wonderful people, Wall’s Cornetto Tirami (much much better than a Drumstick), 50 different kinds of tea at the 7/11, the cleanliness of public transportation, $10 massage, the variety of people you meet, pineapple on ice eaten on the run, the absence of english sometimes, naked kids playing in the street (something so basic about that), night markets, but above all just the people of Thailand are warm and inviting.

Some things don’t change here.  Not too concerned with being PC in TH

Store with my name all over it!

Things I won’t miss are: missing the people I care about back home including almost people like Kodak, pollution, incessant traffic, questioning meat, lack of potable water (at least for us Americans), having to take 3 showers a day, harrassment by tuk tuks asking me were I want to go, being able to just shop and “look” without being pressured to buy, needing to barter for most everything, “thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves,” cramps (aka Delhi Belly, Bangkok Bends), that loud smell I walked past last night.

Aside from that here are a few more odds and ends I wanted to share. Hope you enjoyed the blog and Sawasdee khun!

View from LeBua

May 22nd, 2007

Bangkok at night looking at the Chao Praya river.

Tonight I decided to go to the riverside and visit LeBua, one of Bangkok’s luxury hotels which has a bar and restaurant on the 64th floor. On the roof. Not inside, but the bar is perched atop the hotel with only a glass railing from the edge. The views were spectacular! Only problem was that I had to order something to be up there. So I ordered a Diet Coke. Then the bill came. It was a $23 coke. Oh well…the crescent moon was dangling above the dome at the top of the hotel. I enjoyed every sip. Boy did those mojitos look good though!

Dome of LeBua and moon