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Homeward bound

March 27th, 2007

Catch a train
Catching up with the sun, I arrive yesterday -4 hours. I can’t believe it is over. I really could have spent a month there backpacking through the country with jumps over to Cambodia and Laos. Well well…there is always another adventure!

That said…I had a wonderful time in the land of smiles and it truly was a friendly place. Everyone seemed genuinely eager to help you in any way and extremely generous with their time. The Town Lodge Hotel in Bangkok was a wonderful place to hang your hat. Over my days there I had the opportunity to stay in the Standard, Deluxe and Jacuzzi suites. All were clean and comfortable with outstanding bedding. The staff was always charming and aimed to please. In fact the evening front desk lady even gave me some going away trinkets to give away to friends back home. I would stay there again in a heartbeat and recommend to anyone going to Bangkok.

Well breakfast is being served and I need to put away the computer. Two hours left in the cosmic rays.

Sawasdee kwrub!

Breakdown meal

March 26th, 2007

Samurai SetWell after I said that I wouldn’t eat anything but Thai food while in Thailand, I broke down out of necessity and a bit of curiosity to visit the local McDonald’s for lunch. I was pleasantly suprised to find the Samurai Pork Sandwich set. Basically the McRib with a spicy asian glaze instead of the US BBQ sauce. In addition, the fries were good as usual with hot pepper sauce on the side. Very good indeed!

Temples and floating markets

March 25th, 2007

On the Sunday two days before I left, my helpful guide Celine asked if I would like to accompany her and her Aunt & Mom to a real Thai floating market along with a couple Buddhist temples. Uhmm…does a Thai masseuse rub you long time? So we headed down south to sightsee.

The first stop was Wat Sathatham, which is on the Gulf of Thailand by Don Hoi Lot (a place where tube mollusks are farmed). It is a beautiful golden teak temple inlaid with mother of pearl and inside, a golden Buddha & monks. While there, a monk was being ordained and a festival in progress. Even though not many tourists visit this particular out of the way temple, the revelers made me feel at home by trying to get me to join their dance after I had made an offering to Buddha. After this temple, it was off to a floating market.
Monk with childCeremony girlRevelers at Ordaining ceremonyMonk’s ordainment processionMonks in TempleVendor selling seafood outside Temple



“Everything I need to know in life I learned in Thailand.”

  • American flies are fat and not so clever.
  • Best to avoid drinking water from a company called “Spurm Suk.”
  • “Resort” can be a loosely applied term.
  • Never trust a man with a hollow leg.
  • If a man outside a bar says “Come in..big milk,” he isn’t talking about a new sized “chug” from Creamland Dairy.
  • There is no difference between a black or white cat. Only the fastest gets the mouse.
  • Yogurt flavored soda is neither refreshing, nor ideal for the US market.
  • McDonalds in any country can be an unexpected adventure.
  • a 7-11 “Squidy Burger” is never a good idea.
  • Niether is cuddlefish flavored Lay’s potato chips.
  • Thai desserts are not always “dessert-like.”
  • Except for in Thailand, be wary of phad Thai under $1.
  • Thai large is not the same as American large.
  • To be sure, it is good to know where the closest modern toilet is at all times.
  • Having your nose hairs trimmed with a straight razor is ill-advised.

(to be continued later…)